Friday, December 4, 2009

New Fitness Inspiration

After the Vegas relocation and getting out of my fitness routine, I needed some serious motivation to get back on track. Apparently, anything worth doing is worth overdoing...

For the new studio, I ordered a Ladder Barrel. My SA studio was too small to have one so it has been since May that I have had access to one. Now I can perfect my Swan Dive (and assist Doug in his backbends).

Physique 57 is a studio with 3 NY locations. They just released a dvd series! Many celebrities are swearing by their workouts. I've had my eye on them for a while. They teach a mixture of Pilates, Barre and Orthopedic exercise at an interval training pace. For $50, I have brought their studio to me. I like the workout intensity. Let's face it, trainers love squats and lunges but dancers truly have the best butts. Sold separately and as a set.

This is Zuzana and she is my new fitness guru. A "fitness enthusiast" rather than a professional trainer, she loads a free daily workout on YouTube and at her website, Truthfully, this is about as close as you get to fitness porn (that's what happens when the fitness model is also a soft porn model). The workouts are grueling. The videos and still photos give you a very good idea how to replicate the exercises. Take it from me, it is best not to do the Physique 57 Express workout and follow it up with Zuhana's latest!

I am also working on functional (wellness) training with a coach two days a week. The gym uses very modern machines, the TechnoGym's Kinesis unit and the Power Plate . The Kinesis machines move like the Pilates Reformer to me (although not progressive resistance) and the vibration of the PP adds a challenging new element to my work in plies, side kicks and planks. I am continuing the work I was doing with Wellness In Motion: squats, lunges, martial art kicks, cardio etc. Other days, I can choose from Pilates, Physique 57,, yoga, a walk or a combination.

Doug says "You never know how much is enough until you find out how much is too much."
A new piece of equipment. A new workout system. A free daily challenge on the web. Quality professional coaching. My choice is to kick myself in the pants from several directions.

Get moving and keep moving.

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