Sunday, December 14, 2008

Redefine Christmas

In Jesus' short ministry, two things set him apart: love and charity. In that spirit, Doug and I have been moving away from a gift from everyone (who have storage bins and units to organize all their stuff) towards giving to charity at Christmas.

While we have already selected the charity we will give to, the Fisher House, I happened upon a site that lets you give in honor of others to their favorite charity, Redefine Christmas.

There is a page where you can make an email request for alerting family and friends to give to a charity in lieu of a gift for you.

If Christmas is only meaningful to you if you were hunting down gifts at the mall, wrapped them, packed them and shipped them, that's understandable. A dried soup mix, pound of coffee, bottle of champagne, bar of soap, jar of premium nuts or a holiday fragranced candle are top choices for remembering those you love and making sure the gift doesn't hang around to long, get regifted, sent to Goodwill or moved to the storage unit. You can always put a fiver in the red bucket whenever you come across a Salvation Army volunteer.

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