Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Come Into Your Own In 2009

Come Into Your Own in 2009 is the latest teleclass with author, international speaker and life coach Victoria Moran. Each Tuesday night in January, Victoria will be leading classes on topics such as Clarify Your Vision, Purify your Vehicle, Amplify Your Abundance and Intensify Your Impact. There will be bonus, follow up classes through out the year to help you stay on target.

Ages ago, I happened upon a small book that would have great meaning for me. It's title was Creating A Charmed Life, it's author, Victoria Moran.

Books that are basically a collection of essays are everywhere today but not so much so in those days. This easy-to-read compilation of 75 chapters was an invaluable source for me as I set about inventing my authentic life in my 30s. One chapter, Do The Next Indicated Thing, was so significant to me I had the quote printed on my business cards as a frequent reminder to do just that.

Victoria and I know each other now. I am excitedly awaiting the new Charming volume coming this April. I can attest to Victoria's ability to teach, enabling us to make the real changes we need to live the lives we want. I hope you will check out her teleclass this January or the new book this spring.

Visit Victoria's website, www.victoriamoran.com for more details on the classes or background. For more info or to enroll, email charmedassistant@aol.com with your address, telephones day and night, mobile phone and payment preferences. The class is $395.

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