Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Card Tradition

Purchasing, preparing, addressing and mailing Christmas cards can be burdensome. For some reason, I did not find the tasks so this year. I actually looked forward to getting them out this year.

Doug was an equal partner in the project. He got our list together, sealed and stamped (no small feat with over 200 sent) and I addressed and signed. We used the long drive to Houston and back to get them done in one sitting. I even sent an additional 40 to my clients and business associates.

It is not just our sending our cards this year that is different but our receiving of them as well. We open them together and have been charmed to be remembered with a card by everyone. I can't help but wondering if our simplistic approach to this year's holiday and gift giving hasn't left more room to truly enjoy the season.

A few interesting facts about Christmas cards:
  • The tradition as we know it (commercially printed and posted cards) began in 1843.
  • The first Christmas card inscription read: "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."
  • The word Merry in the inscription means blessed.
  • Early Christmas cards depicted images and designs that spoke to the coming spring versus the winter, religious or secular scenes we are accustomed to.
  • Technology has taken its toll and Christmas cards received by Americans continues to drop. E-cards are now preferred by the busy, the younger generation and greenies.

Our card contained the greeting, "Merry Christmas" and a collage of photos from 2008.

  1. Jessica and Carolyn in Savannah, GA
  2. Carolyn and Doug with the Prescuittis
  3. Carolyn and Doug on their anniversary
  4. Girls Trip in Charleston, SC
  5. Doug manning the grill
  6. Carolyn on the Lululemon Athletica photo shoot
  7. Doug at the Reno Air Race
  8. Pilates Mafia at the Lululemon trunk show
  9. Carolyn in bio photo
  10. Walkway in the Boboli Gardens, Florence
  11. Table setting in Florence
  12. Scene of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence
  13. Michael, Martha and Natalie with Carolyn
  14. Friends assembled for Doug's birthday
  15. View of the Riverwalk, San Antonio
  16. Angel at the San Jose Mission
  17. Hats found on a motorcycle tour in the Hill Country
  18. Carolyn performing SuperSlow around her 45th
  19. News Cafe, South Beach
  20. Yucca, South Beach
  21. Texas Sage in the backyard

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