Thursday, June 26, 2008

FitFlop - Gym Built In

I gave Doug a good laugh this week. I had just opened my newly arrived FitFlops from Bliss and was modeling them for him. I explained the shoes would give me a workout. It was a really hearty laugh.

FitFlops reportedly exert 10-12% more muscle activiation over other footwear. Advertising promises to "tone your butt, thighs and calves." The shoes are an Oprah Favorite for Summer 2008. Heidi Klum is pitching them. I can't wait to get Doug the male version.
He can laugh. I can feel my legs and butt working. Maybe it's a placebo effect. He did say they were a lovely shoe. At $49, it was an offer too good to resist. Frankly, the flipflops are some of the most comfortable shoes I've worn in a while. That is reason enough.
There is another option on the market that boasts "Masai Barefoot Technology". There are kinda ugly. MBT shoes are also found at Bliss.

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