Friday, June 13, 2008

Create My Event

Upon introducing myself to my new neighbor, Dahna Hull, she said, "You are the one that throws the great parties!"

The compliment makes me smile because I do enjoy hosting gatherings that are just outside the ordinary. I try to find a source of inspiration and carry it through my selections for the food, drink, decor and atmosphere. Since moving to San Antonio, I have had a book publishing party honoring Deborah Ford, celebrated Doug's 60th, held a Lululemon Athletica Kitchen Trunk Show and hosted an Italian Bon Voyage for our friends, the Newkirks. I have also had fun planning my Girls Night In, where we have had an Andalusian Dance Lesson, a Chianti Wine Tasting, The Secret Movie Screening and a plain old meet and greet. Next up is a Girls Nite In featuring Savvy Surrounding's Professional Organizer Heather Shimek and a Hawaiian Bon Voyage for the Aguirres.

Recently, I happened upon a site that I thought was a great resource for those of us who like to throw parties. The site is Create My Event and I have gotten myself invited to be a guest blogger. My first post will be entitled Tapas - Andalusian Style.

On Wednesday, I had no idea what I would submit. Yesterday, I was shopping at my favorite gourmet market and spotted a Carro Tinto 2006 wine. I recognized this wine as the one I had in a drink in Seville, Spain, called Tinto de Verano, or "red wine of summer." Since we have Doug's friend, Andy, coming on Sunday, I grabbed a Chorizo sausage, some Manchego cheese and a sparkling lemonade to make the tinto with. Not only did I determine the direction a welcome to San Antonio happy hour and dinner would go but I found the inspiration for my first post. Wah - lah!


Bottle of Tinto or Tempranillo wine
San Pellegrino Limonata, Sparkling Lemonade or Lemon flavored Soda
Lemon slices

1. Fill a tall, skinny glass with ice.
2. Add the red wine up to 2/3 full.
3. Top the wine with the Limonata
4. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Of course, you could also save time by pouring the whole bottle of Tinto into a pitcher. Add a cup or so of sparkling lemonade or 1 can of Limonata and a lemon sliced. Serve over ice.

Sunday's Tapas Menu

Tinto de Verano
Manchego cheese
Piquillo peppers with drizzled olive oil, olives and capers


Sizzling Shrimp in cazuelas
Salad of mixed greens, boiled eggs, cucumber slices, shredded carrot and corn kernels
Homemade Cinnamon-Honey Ice Cream

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