Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jackie's How To Get Thin Forever

"Being fat is a problem, staying fat is a disaster."

"There's nothing loving, acceptable, or positive about eating your way to unattractiveness, fatigue, cancer, depression, and other terrible problems."

"...recognize that weight gain is a result of out-of-whack hormones, excess sugar, and poorly functioning organs."

"You've got to give up the trans fats, cheap sugar, excess sodium, and unpronounceable additives dumped into junk food)."

"We are a nation of sick, unhealthy people wasting away and mutating into sad, fat, and lethargic people, just getting fatter and sadder by the second. We are an out-of-control nation with out-of-control waistlines."

"You're appearance, health and fitness are as important as anything else."

"We make a choice every day to get either strong or weak. Let this be your day to get strong."

"Fat control has largely to do with hormones."

"When blood sugar is low, your body pumps out more human growth hormone. The best way to capitalize on this situation is to keep your carbohydrate intake low in the evening."

"Eliminate sugar and highly processed foods. Look for organic meat and dairy products that are certified free of hormones. Boost your intake of whole grains, plant-based proteins, good fats, colorful fruits and vegetables, green tea, and good sweeteners such as Truvia, which is a stevia-based sweetener."

"Sugar is the devil."

"Choose foods with 5 grams or less of sugar."

"If you want to lose weight, you could enjoy a healthy, low-calorie meal like a grilled chicken salad with low-cal dressing. Or you could chow down on high fructose corn syrup, yogurt flavored coating, partially defatted peanut flour, honey corn syrup and the other ingredients in some of the popular nutrition bars out there."

"The third reason you're getting fat is your organs: an overworked liver, a sluggish thyroid and exhausted adrenals."

"Always try to combine carbs with protein in a meal to slow the digestion of the carbohydrate food."

"Processed foods...chemical cuisine."

"Metal tubings to dispense diet soda eroded so quickly that they had to be replaced monthly. What do you think that same sweetener is doing to your insides?"

"Your behavior is consistent with your identity."

"The last six letters in attraction are action. Successful people are intensely action-oriented. They move in the direction of their desires."

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