Monday, May 10, 2010

Zuzana's 7 Steps To Get In Shape For Summer

Doug and I spent a nice weekend in Palm Desert with an early celebration of his sister's 60th. Inevitably, conversations turned to health. My brother in law is now dealing with abdominal epilepsy and my sister in law aspires to longevity. One of Mark's strategies seems to be less food consumption and more fruits and vegetables. Kathy is sprouting and incorporating raw foods into her diet. They are both practicing yoga.

We had a good giggle about what I describe as my fitness porn, I have been doing the workouts posted there now for 6 mos. I have seen results in my fitness, stamina and body composition during that time, in part due to Zuzana's workouts. Zuzana recently posted her get-bikini-ready tips on her site...

I follow these and similar guidelines. Except, it seems, when traveling. This weekend, there was wine, chocolate (cheap), cheesecake (it was a birthday,) and a burger eaten in a restaurant where literally every patron was fat (Barstow, CA).

I did get in my workouts; Saturday midday and Sunday after our 5 hr trip back to Vegas. I was able to supplement our breakfast gatherings with protein, flax and grains to meet my training nutritional needs. As I teach in fitness nutrition, something taught to me: eat the best from what's available and bless the rest.

There are two important things about weekends such as these: don't be so uptight about the food you don't enjoy the celebration and don't let getting derailed a couple of days be your excuse for a downward spiral.

It's a new day and a start. I will not miss a beat and will get right back to adhering to Zuzana's 7 steps.

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