Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spanish Tortilla and Strawberry Soup

The skies opened up and drenched San Antonio not long ago. The bad weather caused us to change dinner plans. Since I didn't make it to the market, I made do with what we had. It ended up being pretty tasty.

Oven Baked Tortilla Espanola

My recipe was inspired by one I found at The Perfect Pantry blog. I left out the sour cream and cheese, making it more like those I had in Spain. A simple salad of arugula, manchego and marcona almonds is on the side.

Strawberry Soopa (Ayurvedic word for soup like preparations)

2 cups ripe strawberries
2 cups watermelon
1/4 cup coconut milk (cream would work too)
Agave nectar to taste (use any sweetener you prefer)

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate at least 30 min. Serve in dishes or glasses chilled in freezer. Substitute POM pomegranate juice for the watermelon for a more tart, refreshing drink.

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