Sunday, June 28, 2009

June's Flow

June has brought the Bell household lots of reasons to celebrate.

On June 2, Jessica accepted a position with the University of Arkansas. That Friday, we were on a plane to locate her new home. We both were enchanted with Fayetteville. We left town having successful found an apartment, which Jessica reports she loves.

On June 10, Doug and I observed that we have been married 14 years. A picnic in the park with a bottle of prosecco. Perfect.

June 13th, we witnessed Doug's niece, Kim, marry her sweetheart in the woods of Downieville CA. We enjoyed catching up with our relatives and meeting our brother-in-law's family. It was touching to see the outstanding woman Kim has become, to see her embrace this next phase of her life. We look forward to spending time with Kim and Brandon within the next year...getting to know them better as husband and wife. Doug adores Kim and Kim adores Doug. It was a splendid weekend.

Doug is also keeping busy with a new venture that I will report on later.

"There are two temperatures in San and damn hot" Shelly McArthur told us when we announced we were moving there. She wasn't kidding...we've been contending with 100+ temperatures since May and are now in level 3 water rations. Cantaritas and Tinto de Veranos are libations perfect for cooling off. The pool is also a welcome respite.

We can't help but look ahead to July 20, when we will depart for Marbella, Spain. I am fortunate that my Pilates services continue to be in demand. Since this demand has been constant since Christmas, I will be relieved to have a break.

Can we really be facing the 4th of july so soon?

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