Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May Days

This latest posting is likely to be more interesting my friends and family than to those of you who are gracious readers. Here's what I am up to this month...

Unity Women's Retreat in Leaky, TX

I attended the 2nd annual retreat last weekend with 13 other attendees. The retreat's theme was "creativity". The highlight for me was the music of Janet O' Connor. She has an upcoming album entitled Strawberry Fields, which she performed to open the retreat. During our creative time, Janet lead volunteers in song and taught us how to drum. Well, "taught" might be stretching it. She was joined by Jenna and Josh to lead a drum circle at sunset at the riverbank. Not an activity I would usually sign up for, it was an uplifting experience. After dinner, Janet, Jenna and Josh played gypsy music as we twirled on a makeshift dance floor. Gypsy flavored music was a surprise. It was a unique treat since I had brought a Turkish scarf with silver coins. I was thrilled to try out some of my new bellydancing moves.

Mother's Day With My Daughter

I will leave this Friday to spend the weekend with Jessica in Athens. We're leaving Doug behind. Spa treatments, Sunday brunch, gossip and the chick flick, Made Of Honor, are on the schedule.

Birthday Celebration with Jesse Cook

Doug and I are great fans of music and flamenco guitar in particular. Jesse Cook is an extraordinary Rumba Flamenco artist. So much so that we are jumping on a plane to Pheonix simply because he is playing there! He has a new cd out, Frontiers. We'll catch up with old Supercuts associates, The Staples, and our cousin, Jan. Oh, and it's Doug's birthday.

Concert with Rajamani with Andalusi dancer, Elisa Rodriguez

My Andalusi dance teacher will be holding a special performance with her musical partner at my San Antonio studio. After treating the public to a complimentary Final Friday Andalusi class, Elisa will don her stage attire to accompany Rajamani. I am very much looking forward to the class and the concert.


The Pilates Room At Synergy is paying the rent and then some, I am happy to say. I will hold anoter series of Pilates For Stylists classes. I have added Superslow strength training to balance my pilates work, first introduced to me by Chauncey and Shirah Bell. I was the star of a Lululemon Ambassador photo shoot. We're having a party for Doug with the Newkirks and Aguirres. I'm putting the final touches on the Charleston Girls Getaway for the first weekend in June.

Merry May to you!

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