Monday, May 19, 2008

Doug's 60th In Pheonix

Doug's pre birthday celebration with the Newkirks and Aguirres at the house on the 14th. We grilled ribeyes. Maggie made salad with toasted almonds, feta and blueberries. Paul made a magazine worthy lemon meringue pie. Pictured under the arbor that overlooks our three lakes and San Antonio.

Our friend Scott Hitt wrote, "did you celebrate at the ranch or did she whisk you away on an adventure?" The answer is that we boarded a plane on Friday for Pheonix to attend the Jesse Cook concert!

The Buttes Marriott Resort
We set up residence in a hotel I once taught a seminar. This hotel is memorable to me because it is built around a big hill called a butte. It makes the most of the desert scenery. You feel as if you are not in the city...except of course for the Starbucks within walking distance and poolside service.

Chart House
We met up with former Supercuts associates, Mark and Pam Staples, for a delicious dinner. Doug and Mark spend their time discussing trades now as opposed to real estate for new stores.

T.C. Egginton's
We met Doug's cousin for brunch at this most fabulous eatery in Mesa. Jan looks healthy and happy and it was terrific to get to catch up with her.

Jesse Cook

The highlight of our trip, and Doug's gift, was a concert performed by Jesse Cook. We are great fans of his music and he did not disappoint. Phoenix is as close to TX as he will come this tour we believe, with others dates along the east and west coasts.

Book Bag
Poolside and on the plane, we even had some time to catch up on some reading!

Happy Birthday To Doug!

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