Sunday, May 25, 2008

21 Seconds

On Memorial Day 2008, we are asked by our President for 21 seconds of remembrance at 3 pm in honor of our country's fallen soldiers. It is a call to step out of our routines to be mindful that the citizen benefits of United States' freedoms and liberties come at a price, paid with our military's own lives.

My hope is that I am deserving of their sacrifice.

My minister's sermon today reminded us that the Warrior archetype is necessary and honorable. Warriors, the kind of men that fill our armed services, have a divine calling to "represent physical strength and the ability to protect, defend and fight for one's rights." Our modern day warriors meet the uncertainties, challenges, risks and dangers that the Kings (political leaders), Healers (therapists), Judges (mediators), Dreamers (Socialists and Marxists) or Lovers (romantics) are ill equipped to meet and overcome. Left to the groups not of the Warrior class, our American way of life would end.

Earlier this year, the radical anti-war group Code Pink (Crones and Cowards) were treated first hand to the rightful place the Warrior has in society, including Berkeley. Reportedly, members of the group got into a verbal altercation with a man driving by the Berkeley protest. Medea Benjamin, the group's leader, sees the man getting out of his car then yells for help from the Marines they were protesting. She even put her arm around a Marine Vet counter-protestor in appreciation for their assistance. Unfortunately, the incident had no impact for within two months, they were hosting a "rally for Witches, Clowns and Sirens to cast spells and perform rituals" on Mother's Day. The irony of them self selecting the archetypes of Witches and Clowns is not lost on me and I dare say many in the Armed Services and their families would agree wholeheartedly with Code Pink's own descriptions of those who come out to protest them.

Jesus taught, "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." -John 15:13. Even Jesus, especially Jesus, recognized the gift our fallen Warriors give to their bretheren on the battlefield and to these United States. Sadly, a many of our countrymen (Code Pink, in particular), under the protection of the Warrior, will never see this simple Truth.

Our Warriors who fight to the death become our Heroes, those that bring society something of great value to all. Their bravery and courage teach us about loyalty, selflessness and commitment to something greater than ourselves.

One last point about the archetypes...peace loving Artists and Advocates are not more valuable or intelligent than the Avengers and Saviors. They are all equals, each with their own contribution to make. Mothers have their place, as do the Knights. It is outside the accordance of laws of human consciousness and the soul to attempt to diminish or demonize the role of any of these timeless patterns of behavior. In our lifetimes, we all will be called to step into the many roles the archetypes represent. May we not be Pink Fools who find themselves also in the role of the Victim so they can learn to appreciate the role of the Rescuer.

The 21 seconds of remembrance is emblematic of the ceremonial military 21 gun salute. In those 21 seconds at 3 pm, I will give thanks to those who have fallen on behalf of this great nation, all the way back to the Revolutionary War. I will be grateful that our Warriors fight our enemies abroad so that I am free to go about my life in relative safety at home. I will pray that the families of our modern day wars know relief from their grief and acknowledge that their beloved soldiers died for something greater than themselves.

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