Saturday, October 6, 2007


Friends and I enjoyed a night a few weeks ago where we watched the movie, The Secret. It prompted an inquiry about methods of meditation.

Some years ago, I took a 3 part class on meditation giving by Rev. Karen Tudor, my current minister who was then at Unity Church Of Christianity in Houston. Below are some lessons she shared with our class...

Differences Between Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation:

Prayer - any mind/heart activity that is God-directed. (Life Of Prayer, pg 8)

Meditation - purposeful stilling of the mind and body to receive from God.

Contemplation - practice of holding an object, idea or word for the purpose of greater understanding and revelation.

Setting Up a Meditation Practice:

- Deciding on Time of Day
- Setting Up Atmosphere

Sounds: Music, Chants, Tones or Mantras, Crystal Bowls, Chimes/Bells/Drums, Natural sounds, Silence

Sights: Lit candles, Altar w/ pictures or icons, View from a window, Light/Darkness

Scents: Incense, Scented candles, Oils

Postures: Lying down, Standing, On Floor, Bench or Pillow, Mat or Blanket, On Chair-spine straight, Walking, Kneeling, Yoga poses

Focal Points: Breath, Body, Heart Center, Scripture, Holy Word or Name, Mirror

Inspirational Text: Sacred books such as Bible or Torah, Bhagavad Gita, Tao te Ching, Poetry

Developing a Routine:

Inspirational reading
- Prayer
- Affirmations
- Relaxation Stretches
- Journaling Insights

Recommended Reading:

Deepak Chopra - Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Book Of Secrets
Thich Nat Hahn - all writings
Rumi - poems
Marsha Sinetar- Ordinary Peple as Monks and Mystics

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