Monday, October 15, 2007

This October

This October holds lots of activities in store for Doug and I. We are notorious for filling every available space on the calender, in spite of some sincere intentions to do otherwise. We really do like to be home. But when an invitation to a special event or occasion comes, we can seldom let it pass by.

New York City
First up is the 144th Annual Riot Relief Luncheon. Doug will begin serving a term on the Board Of Trustees to this worthwhile good works endeavor. The Riot Relief Fund was the recipient of most of the dollars our Supercuts business donated in sympathy after 9/11. 100% of the Fund goes to the families of fallen Police and Firemen or Law Scholarships. We were introduced to the Fund by our friends, Peter Brown and Alexandra Stoddard. Our friends, the Aguirres and Hildes, will be on hand to celebrate and honor Doug as he accepts a leadership role.

Doug, Carolyn, Peter and Alexandra
San Antonio, TX March 2007

Maggie and Frank Aguirre
San Antonio, May 2007

Next is to Florida for Melissa Connor and Derek Smith's wedding. Melissa and Derek are dear friends our daughter and ours as well. Along with Melissa and Derek, we will get to celebrate Jessica's 25th birthday with all her college friends. It will be a great reunion.

Palm Beach Gardens
Frank Prescuitti is turning 50 Oct 6. Frank and I met over 20 years ago at a Paul Mitchell distribution company. Frank taught me a great deal about image, marketing and salesmanship in our earlier days. I was lucky to work with Frank but even luckier that, once our industry relationship was no longer necessary, his wife, Crystal, became one of my best friends. They both seek a refined and gracious life and it is always a joy to be in their company.

It's back to Pat Guyton's studio and the Pilates Conservatory for Unit 2 of my teacher program. This unit focuses on the entire syllabus of Joseph Pilates' Cadillac and Spine Corrector work, along with the useful adaptations of First Generation Teachers such as Mary Bowen, Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher.

West Texas
Doug and I will join Paul and Suzan Newkirk and their friends on a trip west in Texas to round out the month. There will be motorcycle riding, fine dining, comfortable beds, star gazing, beautiful open scenery, margaritas and a few lies and false reports.

Lajitas, Texas

Oct 31 will find us at the end of our drive handing our candy to the neighborhood children.

We are blessed and we are grateful!

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