Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fat, Broke And Lonely No More!

Victoria Moran has published a fun and insightful new book. It's title and cover are catchy but the book is really about the emptiness we carry within us that we attempt to fill with food, things and people.

In my previous post, Announcing Fat, Broke And Lonely No More, I shared a sneak peek of what the book would cover. Now having read it, I want to share what I found most valuable to me in Victoria's titles are mine!

"Your waist measurement, bank balance, and plans for Saturday night no longer define you."

"You don't have to do it all today, but you do have to do today's share."


"The first step isn't to change your body. It is to appreciate it."

"What you're looking for is not in the refrigerator."

"Overeating is a direct corollary to underliving."

"We're always ready to start something that could improve our situation. We're not as thrilled about stopping what caused the trouble in the first place."

"Give 10%, save 10% and live well on the remaining 80%."

"When you feel complete, you attract other complete people."

"Be relatively easy to get along with."

Victoria writes later that "if it wasn't in the fridge, it isn't at the mall!" Perhaps my favorite chapter in the book is number 2, The Emptiness Epidemic. Victoria explains about the essential emptiness we all have as human beings. This essential emptiness is what causes us to search for meaning in our lives. She points out that there is a difference in searching for meaning in our life and acting on our every desires. To me, she sums up it all up by teaching us that being fat, broke and lonely happens when we get confused about the soul's purpose.

If you haven't already done so, I hope you will add a copy of Fat, Broke and Lonely No More! to your personal library.

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