Monday, March 12, 2007

Announcing Fat, Broke and Lonely No More!

FBL cover11 Weeks Until Victoria Moran's Latest Book Is In Stores!

Some years ago, I was strolling through a bookstore during an Orlando vacation. I discovered a small but powerful book, Creating A Charmed Life by Victoria Moran. One essay title, Do The Next Indicated Thing was so important to me that I had the quote imprinted on my business cards. Since then, I have been
fortunate to hear Victoria speak and get to know her. I can attest that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I am excited about her upcoming publication. It looks like it is going to be informative and fun to read. Victoria has given her readers a sneak peek at the book's table of contents, which I am sharing with you below. If it looks interesting to you, I encourage you to place a pre-order with your favorite online or neighborhood bookstore. If you would like Victoria to appear in your city, email her assistant, Joya, at with the name, address, phone and contact at your local independent bookstore. Get in touch with Joya also if you would like Victoria to speak at any charities, groups or clubs you are active in.

I. Breaking Up with the Emptiness Inside
Fat, broke and lonely arise from an inner void and withdraw
when you develop a viable inner life.

1. The Anatomy of Fat, Broke and Lonely
2. The Emptiness Epidemic

3. To Go Where Other People Only Dream Of, Do What They Won’t Do
4. Get Busy on Your Mission Already

5. Maybe You Are an Accountant: Your Life Is Supposed to Be Art
6. Yes, You’re Flawed. And You’re Perfect. Chew on Tha
7. Your Life Believes Every Word You Say
8. Got God*?
9. When Doing Nothing Can Bring You Everything

10. ‘Fit, Flush, Partnered & Still Empty’ Is Just Fat, Broke & Lonely in Drag

II. Breaking Up with Fat
There is a power inside you that leads to right decisions,
even in areas as ordinary as your food choices and getting to the gym.

11. Fat Phobia May Also Be
Harmful to Your Health
12. Start Seeing Yourself as Gorgeous. Now.
13. What You’re Looking For Is
Not in the Refrigerator
14. Fill Your Life, Then Your Plate
15. Good Food Is a Good Thing
16. Find Out Who Isn’t Fat an
d Do What They Do
17. When in Doubt, Use the MAP: Moderation, Activity, Persistence

18. I Know This Much Is True
19. One Other Person Has to Be In On This
20. With a Higher Power, Willpower Is So Last Season

III. Breaking Up with Broke
Abundance---financial and
otherwise---is normal, natural, and right. You attract it by thinking, speaking, and living abundantly.

21. It Wasn’t in the Fridge and It’s Not at the Mall

22. The Twelve Stops
23. Maybe Boring but Never Broke
24. Give Cash a Chance

25. Put Ten Percent to Work for Good
26. Put Ten Percent to Work for You
27. Expect, Affirm, Envision
28. Appreciate Now,
Appreciation Later
29. Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are
30. Create a Life that Attracts

IV. Breaking Up with Lonely
When your life is full and your spirit engaged, you’ll delight
in your own company and draw caring, supportive people into your world.

31. Lonely Isn’t Funny
32. The Score Is: Energy 1,
Lonely Nothing
33. Fall in Love with Your Own Company
34. Sex and the Gritty
35. History with Drunks and Losers? Don’t Let History
Repeat Itself
36. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To
37. How to Win Friends and Put Up with People
38. Entertain, Dahling

39. It’s Not About You
40. Charisma 101

V. Hooking Up with the Life of Your Dreams
You came to this planet to be remarkable. You do that by being yourself, using your
gifts, and shining your light.

41. Ya Gotta Have a Dream
42. Full Frontal Fearless

43. Put Together Your Dream Team
44. Light Up Your Look
45. One Day a Week, Unplug
and Reconnect
46. Live Your Dream Right Now, Live Your Life Right Now
47. You Have to Stand for Something

48. Keep Adding to the Soup
49. When You Don’t Want to Do this Stuff, You Need It More than Ever

50. If You Knew Who You Really Were, You’d Be Starstruck

Source - The Charmed Monday Minute From Victoria Moran

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Congratulations to Victoria on her accomplishment. I know we all wish her much success!

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