Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Am My Choices

"To live wisely, we should choose to think wisely and do what is right, appropriate and true" writes Alexandra Stoddard in her latest book, You Are You Choices-50 Ways To Live The Good Life. The good life promises many opportunities and that we will be bringing out the best in us. Living a good life is about honoring ourselves by pursuing our own happiness as well as helping others toward this goal. The good life demands personal responsibility and we will have to "constantly deal with what is hard to do." How we attain our good life is by "paying close attention to everything we choose to do as well as what we decide to give up or let go."

I have just made a difficult choice. I returned to my copy of ...Choices. She has some wise words for those of us facing difficult decisions. Alexandra tells us that "living the good life is challenging. The commitment to live such a life will not make life easier." She reminds me that what I choose in such times will either make my situation better or worse off. Importantly, she advises: "be as true to you as you can, live according to your own inner compass, you have to step through the door and act and we are not controlled by the obligations or the will of others."

"If you ever feel confused or stuck, or don't know what choices to make, go outside in search of something beautiful." Yesterday was very hard. I felt physically ill from the thoughts whirling around in my mind. I reached out to several friends to help me reach a conclusion. Midday I found myself looking into the big, bright and beautiful blue eyes of my daughter. I had found something beautiful while I was confused and stuck. I began to calm down. I awoke this morning clear about what was true for me. I made my choice, acted and set consequences in motion. My hope is that I am improving the situation for everyone involved. My prayer is one inspired by Unity, "This God or something better."

I choose to embrace a more uncertain future at the moment. And I take a deep, percussive breath.

"To change one's mind in changing circumstances is true wisdom." Robert Louis Stevenson

"Nothing exists from whose nature some effect does not follow." Spinoza

"It is best to bear what cannot be altered." -Seneca

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