Friday, August 26, 2011

The Primal Blueprint

"If all you do after reading this book is cut back on grains, you will dramatically improve your health."

"Doctor visits today are a direct consequence of lifestyle choices that misaligned."

"Our last decade or two (until we reach the average life span of about 78 yrs.) is usually characterized by inactivity, excess body fat, assorted medical conditions, and a host of prescriptions."

"27% of us will die from cardiovascular disease and another 23% will die from cancer."

"...70% of that is spent on lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
"The sober reality is that today's technological age i enjoyed by the fattest, laziest humans in history."

"Considering all the comforts and medical advancements of modern life, we could easily argue that we currently exist in a state of devolution."

"Genes don't know - or care - whether environmental signals promote or compromise your long term health; they simply react to each stimulus in an effort to sustain your short term survival."

"Human genes are adversely affected by sugar ingestion for two weeks."

"Your lifestyle behaviors can either destroy or support many aspects of your health."

"Ideal body fat levels and stabilizing appetite and energy levels. Hint: it's all about moderating your insulin production."


"It's all about insulin."

"The insulin story is perhaps the most health-critical in the book."

"When blodd insulin levels are high, those same fat cells store not only the excess glucose but the fat you ate at your last meal."

"High insulin signals the fat cells to hold on to the fat and not release it for energy."

"Realize how important exercise is to increasing insulin sensitivity."

"Frequently empty your liver and muscle cells of glycogen with brief, intense workouts."

"If you are routinely eating 150-300 grams of carbs per day (USDA), you will likely gain weight."

"Success depends on how aggressive you are in keeping dietary insulin levels moderated, thereby extracting more of your caloric needs from fat stores."

"Carbohydrates control insulin; insulin controls fat storage."

The Primal Blueprint Laws

Eat Lots Of Plants And Animals

"Ramp up your fat metabolism by eliminating processed carbohydrates from your diet to minimize your body's insulin production."

"Eliminate not only sugars and sweets but grain products, including wheat, rice, pasta and corn (yep, corn is a grain, not a vegetable."

"More insidious as dietary "poison" are processed grains (wheat and flow products, such as bread, pasta, crackers, snack foods, baked goods, etc., as well as rice, corn, cereals, etc.)."

"You cannot reduce body fat on a diet that stimulates excessive-or even moderately excessive-levels of insulin production-period."

"Eating fat - healthy fat - will help you lose weight as well as regulate your daily energy levels."

"Vegetables and fruits are a central component of the PB eating strategy."

"Lowering your average carb intake to 50-100 grams per day will allow you to easily drop 1 to 2 pds of body fat per week."

"If you have excess body fat, it's directly reflective of the amount of insulin you produce from your diet combined with your genetic predisposition to store fat."

"Your ability to reduce excess body fat and maintain desirable body composition is directly reflective of your ability to moderate insulin production."

"There is no physiological reason for you to consume high levels of carbohydrate."

"Carb intake level is the decisive factor in your weight-loss success or failure."

"Eliminating grains and sugars from your diet could be the number one most beneficial thing you ever do for your health!"

"Eat to the point which you are full, but the point at which you are no longer hungry for the next bite."

"Plants (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices) and animals (meat, fish, fowl, and eggs) should represent the entire composition of your diet."

"The fact remains that no culture or society has ever survived for an extended period of time on a meatless diet."

"Fat is your friend."

"Fat has little or no impact on blood glucose levels and insulin production."

Avoid Poisonous Things

"Dispel the conventional wisdom tenet that grain products are healthy."

"Other foods to avoid include legumes, processed foods and sugars."

"If you have the urge to indulge, do yourself a favor and choose a high fat, fresh made, premium-quality treat instead of a store bought product."

Move Frequently At A Slow Pace

"Emphasize explosive movements over deliberate pace."

"Conduct full body, functional exercises."

"Finish most sessions in 30 minutes of less."

"Go barefoot frequently to develop natural balance, flexibility and leg strength "

"Learn why millions of joggers and gym-goers put in the time and effort to lose weight yet routinely compromise their health and accelerate the aging process."

"Blend of frequent, low-intensity energizing movement (walking, hiking, easy cardio), regular short, intense strength-training sessions, and occasional all-out sprints."

"Fat is the main fuel used for low-level aerobic activity."

"Strive to accumulate two to five hours per week of low-level exercise."

"The movements that dictated how our genes evolved were simple: squat, crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, hang, carry, throw, push, pull and more."

"I cannot emphasis enough the importance of slowing down the pace of your cardio workouts to improve your health and fitness."

Lift Heavy Things

"Following a strength-training program featuring natural, total-body movements (squatting, lunging, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.) helps you develop and maintain lean muscle mass and increase metabolism."

Sprint Once In A While

Occasional "Primal" max efforts (including sprints) promote optimal gene expression, hormone flow and organ function = delay of aging process."

"Sprints on hills, grass or beach; plyometric drills; and intervals on a stationary bike."

"Sprinting is a physically stressful activity that requires a significant fitness base, muscle strength and flexibility."

Get Adequate Sleep

"Humans have adapted to obtain great benefits from even brief naps."

"Fast-moving, flickering images on the screen (0ften violent or otherwise arousing) caused irregular stimulation to Ken's retina."

"It's more likely that emotional factors, lack of sufficient vigorous exercise, and poor dietary habits (sugar binges, caffeine intake, lack of healthy fats) are to blame..."


"Time to read, day-dream, free associate, or gain an adequate understanding of currents events, history, and other mainstays of cultural sophistication goes by the wayside..."

Get Adequate Sunshine

"Vitamin D intake might be more critical than calcium to bone health."

"Bag some rays in your lounge chair might be better for your bones than drinking a glass of milk and swallowing a bunch of calcium pills."

Avoid Stupid Mistakes

"Hyperviligance and risk management were premium skills hone to perfection every day."

"Devote a little more attention and energy to risk management in your daily choices so you can enjoy a long, happy life."

"As society continues to modernize exponentially, we arguably exhibit less and less common sense in avoiding stupid mistakes."

"...deep down, we know we can afford to make nets of modern society has compromised our capacity to take responsibility."

"Each of us must admit that we have brought various levels of misfortune and trauma into our lives from lapses in concentration or critical thinking."

Use Your Brains

"Opportunities for intellectuals stimulation are everywhere in daily life. Commit to some personal challenges, such as learning a new language, playing a musical instrument..."

"80 percent of your ability to reduce to excess body fat is determined by how you eat, with the other 20% depending on proper exercise, other healthy lifestyle habits, and genetic factors."

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