Friday, July 1, 2011

Uruguay: Piriapolis & Punta Del Este

Farming and investing was just part of our objectives for our recent trip to Uruguay. Evaluating Uy as an expat refuge was high among our priorities as well. As with farming, we found much to appreciate in Piriapolis and Montevideo.

Our first days in Uruguay were as guests of David James and Alex Garcia of Sugar Loaf Ocean Club & Spa. We ate and drank, ate and drank some more, and got a feel for the UY beach destinations of Punta Del Este and Piriapolis.

Punta reminded us of Southeast Florida, with high rise condos and upscale shopping on every inch of its peninsula. Piriapolis was more low key, with a pretty half moon bay. Just a couple of miles up from the beach and you are among serene cattle pastures.

Doug fell in love with this uninterrupted panoramic view of Piriapolis and the ocean. This property sits towards the top of Sugar Loaf mountain, one of the highest elevations in UY.

Should we ever decide to build, our patio will look very much like this. One of us is going to have to learn to cook with fire.

This kitchen shows we aren't exactly going to be suffering down in South America.

A morning ride on the mountain to remind us of the Hill about a third of the cost.

Uruguayans use their beaches about 2 months of the year, Jan and Feb. There is a bit of use for the shoulder seasons but you will find the condos, the beach houses, the shops and the restaurants mostly closed unless the summer sun is shining.

There is an organized expat community in Punta and Piriapolis. They are distinct and different crowds, to say the least. The meal we had at the expat meeting in Piriapolis was the worst of the entire trip. Yet, we had a fabulous time at a party held in the home of the owners' of Punta's Mexican restaurant.

After our days in Punta and Piriapolis, we felt as if we had a firm handle on what UY beach communities had to offer. Next up comes our sampling of South American city life in Montevideo.


Angela Javora said...

Love the photos and your comments. Together they tell a great story and what trails you have been following. We look forward to getting more updates. Thanks for the travel log.

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