Saturday, July 23, 2011

In June, I blissed out at a series of workshops with Master Movement Educator, Pat Guyton. I developed my Pilates knowledge, skills and abilities with my dear mentor. I was once again moving and growing under the presence of one of the best Pilates teachers in the country, my friend and former boss, Aida Zorrilla. I had the opportunity to work alongside Dana Bell as we have for many years now, striving to be the best Pilates students we can be. And when we weren't working, the Pilates Mafia was lifting our wine and margarita glasses in honor of how far we have all come.

All this made me yearn for a studio I could call home and fellow teachers I could collaborate with and be inspired by. In short order, I found just such a place. I am now a teacher at Suncoast Pilates and Personal Training.

For many days, sending my resume, doing phone interviews, chatting in follow up meetings and attending to all the social media that is necessary for small biz marketing has eaten up all my time. It's been a bit exhausting but it has all been worth it.

Joining a studio is just one of the steps I am taking as a professional after being with Pat. Dana and I are venturing out to become certified stretch and flexibility therapists in October. Aida and I will be following Pat's path with the Franklin Method by beginning Level 1 Teacher Training in November. Suncoast Pilates has the CoreAlign system, so I will also becoming familiar with this core controlled aerobic training apparatus.

Like I told Doug many years ago, "I've put a few things in motion."

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