Friday, July 2, 2010


I recently went to NYC for the FAMI workshop with Dana and Jean. We spent four days interacting with cadaver prosections! Our clients ought to love that.

We were hosted by Jean's brother, Marc, his partner, Myles and their daughter, Ashley. Iggy, their dog, tolerated us. We couldn't have been more comfortable at the Amend-Thomas household up in Washington Heights, an area I had not traveled to before.

Unbelievably, our San Antonio friends, the Aguirres were being visited by our former San Antonio friends, the Newkirks. We all convened Friday night (sans Doug) at the Flay flagship, Mesa Grill. My favorites were the Mesa Fresca and chorizo quesadilla. So good to be with good friends.

I had the pleasure of taking our hosts out to the Indian Road Market and Cafe. Ashley had voted loudly this was the place to go. Dana and I ordered this S. Blanc and couldn't believe it had a picture of a brain on it. The brain we saw at FAMI looked nothing like the bottle's label. Unfortunately.

We made it back to this Columbia U haunt again on Tuesday for a long lunch before we caught our flight. They served one of the best lattes ever.

On Monday, we joined Marc and Ashley for a play date in Central Park. Dana and I took a walk to try and find a particular fountain while the rest of the gang headed to the zoo. Later, I was swarmed by news crews filming follow up broadcasts of the baby-killed-by-falling-tree limb "tragedy". Dana and I took one of the pedicabs through Central Park...nice views.

We got to babysit Ashley afterward.

I finally made it to Chelsea Market. We had lunch at the Lobster Place and shopped the Italian grocery for goodies to bring home. I would love to be able to shop here on a regular basis.

Broad-Dyckman Car Service drove us all over Manhattan. Phone: 212-304-8080, ask for Michelle. Otherwise, you might get an older Dominican using his native Bachata to seduce you.

It's good to be home. The cookie plate I brought home from Indian Road Cafe has been finished off. Wine is back off the menu and meals are filled with vegetables. And I am no longer seeing dead people.

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