Monday, October 26, 2009

Bioidentical Hormones - Life Extension Foundation Report

After a lot of research, I became convinced that I should begin bioidentical hormone hormone therapy. Not only replacing sex hormones (progesterone, testosterone) but I also replace others such as DHEA (brain) and Pregnenolone (precursor to various hormones). The most significant results that I have experienced from restoring diminishing hormones has been sleeping soundly and a 50 point reduction in my cholesterol.

Traditional doctors hold opinions that vary from there isn't a difference in pharmaceutical and compounded hormone products to bioindentical hormone therapy is dangerous (despite the undisputed evidence being that the pharmaceuticals are what was/is causing disease and death in women).

The Life Extension Foundation has done an exhaustive report on the case of women and the use of bioidentical hormone therapy. This is a must read for anyone on pharmaceutical hormones or anyone contemplating hormone therapy. White Paper Authored by the Life Extension Foundation®

Bioidentical Hormones -Why Are They Still Controversial?

"In this comprehensive white paper, we present data showing how women may more safely benefit from comprehensive approaches that naturally restore youthful hormone balance..."

"Bioidentical hormones have the same exact molecular structure as the hormones produced naturally within the body."

Follow the link for the complete report.

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