Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 Things You Discover About Yourself When You Move

1. You have longer relationships with monthly planners than with men.

2. You could start a catering company with all the linens, dinnerware, vases, serving ware, candles, cookware, etc. that you have acquired for throwing parties.

3. You consider organizing household items with your husband an acceptable alternative to foreplay.

4. You should consider actually drinking the Sauternes that you dragged back on your first trip to France in the late 1990's.

5. You read A LOT of books.

6. A stew simmering in the oven all day as you unpack makes your house feel more like your home.

7. You observe that every item you own has a memory attached and those are what's hard to let go of.

8. You remember that it is your thoughts, rather than your circumstances, that determines your state of happiness.

9. That fantasy about living aboard a 50 ft catamaran is just that.

10. You are truly grateful for the abundance and opportunities you have been blessed with.

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