Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Shortly before I left for our vacation in Spain, I determined to investigate the use of bio-identical hormones. I discovered that one of the strongest voices for this therapy was a face many of us know - Suzanne Somers! Oprah and Robin McGraw are also vocal proponents.

I loaded Ageless on my Kindle and was riveted to the "book" while making the transatlantic flight.

As a Pilates teacher, it is important to me to exhibit the image and lifestyle one would expect from someone who is healthy. I educate myself about nutrition, maintain a gluetin/low glycemic diet, regularly exercise and utilize alternative therapies to stay fit and strong.

At 46, I am beginning to see symptoms of the hormonal changes that show up for women my age. Based on Somer's suggestions, I sought out a MD that was a member of the American Society of Anti Aging Medicine.

After thorough testing, I have discovered that I am deficient in Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and Prognenolone. I am still waiting on Corisol results. My two biggest health concerns, the inability to build muscle mass and osteopenia, all stem from a lack of the hormones listed above. It is likely that in addition to these, I have adrenal fatigue.

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy is not just for peri and menopausal women. Men as well as other post-puberty adults may be suffering from hormone issues, particularly in cases where health solutions are difficult to diagnosis or remedy.

I am exciting about this alternative therapy I am just discovering and encourages us all to look into it.

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