Sunday, January 18, 2009


Doug and I have made detoxification a part of our annual health regimen for many years now. He routinely goes away for a week at the Optimum Health Institute (I've been twice) to detoxify with raw foods, fasting, colon cleanses and exercise. Our education at OHI has had a life altering effect on how we eat and live. I recently did a 4 day fruit fast to get back on track with good nutrition after the holidays, which is based in part on what I learned there. This year, we're staying at home and committing to a 28 day program.

Designs For Health offers a health professional administered detoxification plan. We are to take detox packets twice daily, drink fresh detox smoothies and follow a gluten/diary free diet during the program. Since we pretty much eat this way, we're adding in the Designs For Health products to detox organs and such.

Blessed Herbs offers a program you can order directly online.

These are two programs that my alternative health practitioners offer. Best to check with your own for recommendations if this seems interesting to you. Whatever you do, "be divine in 2009" and endeavor to be as healthy as you can be.

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