Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Are - Chris Pfeiffer

we are

you are the wind, if i am the canvas
you are the carpenter, i am the keel
you are the port, when i am weary
you are the pilot, i am the wheel

you are the ballast, when i am tossed, caught up in a hurricane
you are the stars, when i am lost
the voyage the path the way

we... are
we... are

i am the heart, you the compassion
i am the soul, you are the deep
i the mind, you the stillness
i am the traveler, you are the strength

i am the yes, of sailing on into this freedom of thine
i am the choice, of which we choose
to be you and i


we... are
we... are
we... are
we... are

- Chris Pfeiffer

Chris is a Texas Hill Country musical artist whose music we have enjoyed at our Unity church and at a local concert lately. We Are is one of my favorite of his songs. Follow the link to learn more about him and his music.

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