Friday, January 4, 2008

Facing Forward

I will be having a facial this month. I get them every quarter now, as suggested by Victoria Moran in Younger By The Day. Scheduling facials at each season is one of her 365 recommendations for rejuvenating the body and revitalizing the spirit.

I have only known a woman or two who have facials regularly. We all seem to have bottles of lotions and potions. Purchases are likely a result of the marketing we have been exposed to rather than on the advice of a trusted professional. Men are even less likely to have facials even though they experience the same skin issues as as their mothers, sweethearts and daughters.

I must admit that my new facial regimen is one of the first signs of my acceptance of being a middle aged woman. My skin has always been dry but I've resisted anything besides a moisturizer. Since my fall facial, I have been applying 2 serums, one for "cellular renewal", another described as"drops of essence hydration". There is a creamy "treatment" that follows that. Every few days, I am also exfoliating. I've committed to the extra expense and time these take. I can honestly report a payoff. For the first time that I can remember, my skin feels hydrated and supple at the end of my work day.

Brands I have used in the past have included Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Lancome, Aveda and Mac. The products I am using that have proven to be dramatically different are formulations of Rhonda Allison.

There is something appealing about starting the new year off with a refreshed face.

"When you do look and feel your best, it's easier to do whatever you have to do." -Ivana Trump

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