Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mean Something

The pleasure of my company was requested for An Evening With Ron Fletcher June 22.

Ron Fletcher, is a man of distinction in the Pilates world. He is one of only a handful of dancers who studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates who went on to become a teacher of Pilates' approach to fitness and well being. Those of us who have been introduced to Pilates as an exercise regimen likely have him to thank. If he had not relocated to Beverly Hills and began working with the rich and the famous in Hollywood, the average Joe or Josephine may have never learned of Pilates, now a much sought after practice known for its body beautifying benefits.

My first introduction to Pilates was at a studio that practiced Ron's style of Pilates. After taking classes with his Master Teachers, Kathy Corey and Pat Guyton, I knew that I wanted to learn Pilates comprehensively as a teacher with his company. This December, I will complete the Ron Fletcher Program of Study. Each day, I teach Ron Fletcher's Pilates, Floor and Towel work at a Program of Study facilitating studio under the guidance of Aida Zorrilla. Every day, I find my awe renewed as I witness the changes brought about in my clients by the wisdom of the Ron Fletcher technique.

I find it quite intriguing that Ron studied with two pioneering legends, Joseph Pilates and Martha Graham. Ron's brand of Pilates is unique. He has incorporated the movement wisdom of Martha Graham and made Pilates contemporary by bringing it to vertical (standing).

At the event I attended, I heard Ron restate an idea that I have come to view as a principle in my Pilates work and in my life in general. He said, "It has to mean something ---and nothing else can matter but that meaningful something." That night, Ron was speaking about moving with meaning and practicing your personal creativity with meaning. Ron spoke with the eloquence, bluntness and urgency that comes from living 86 years and being under no illusion that there is another year for him. I want to heed his words and his example.

In these words, you can hear the echo of the great Martha Graham. She said, "Either the foot is pointed or it is not." Either the foot is pointed or it is not. Either it is ____ or it is not. It either is or it isn't. There is such naked truth in her statement. I can scarcely bear the scrutiny of such truth at times. I am either a good wife and mother or I am not. I am either progressing in my work or I am not. I am either contributing or I am not. I am either choosing a happier life or I am not.

When people like Ron and Martha, people who have achieved so much in the time they were given, point us so emphatically in a direction, I can't help but be jolted into fruitful action. I can only know Ms. Graham through what has been recorded, filmed and written. I feel blessed to have come to be a student of Mr. Fletcher.

Are we not grateful that someone reminds us that it is not just the action, but that it has to mean something?

"For art, there is no future." - Paul Bocuse

"There are no beginnings or endings, only movement."

"Think of everything you do as an opportunity to express yourself"

"Get moving."

"Everything matters."
- Alexandra Stoddard

"Nothing is more revealing than movement." -Martha Graham

"I am aware of every step I take." -Thich Nhat Hanh

"I want to go back to the beginning."

"Love, Ron" - Ron Fletcher

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Anonymous said...

Of course I am biased.
What I love in particular about your report is that I see your elaboration of this principle in all examples of mastery and success in all domains of life: from survival in desolation wilderness, poetry, art music and philosophy to motorcycle grand prix racing. Ron lives and teaches this discipline of thought and action. You are blessed to have him as a teacher; you are blessed to see and aggressively pursue this discipline in your life.
I love and admire you.
Devotedly, your husband,