Monday, May 21, 2007

Women's Retreat

I spent last weekend in Leakey, Texas. I was there attending my Unity church women's slumber party. This is what I came back to Texas for!

To reach Leakey, you leave the populated San Antonio behind and travel to Medina. There you pick up State Road 16. I was completely unprepared to have to down shift as I traveled out of steep grade areas. I found myself giggling out loud, alone, from the sheer joy that the beauty of the drive brought me. The visitor's website boasts, "Swiss Alps of Texas, with elevations up to 2400 ft and deep canyons cut by the Frio and Nueces Rivers." Doug and I have finally found where we want to be in the Hill Country.

Our retreat talks lead us to ponder our power as women. Discussions ended with the metaphysical reading of the part in Revelations where a nameless woman/mother is victorious, ending with the head of the serpent under her heel. We did freak out fellow visitors with our percussion chants and scarf dancing - until they learned we were a church group (they thought we were practicing witches!).

I returned home from my retreat indeed feeling powerful. The goddess nature is less appealing to me than that of the female warrior. This retreat was beneficial, helping me to be able to articulate that for myself. After all, the women who've made history weren't exactly known for their feel good chanting with a bunch of ladies and waving scarves around overhead (Goddesses do have their purposes).

We were hosted at River Haven Cabins. I would highly recommend Margie and her husband's site. Cabins were cozy and comfortable with views of the river. The meals were catered by the Frio Canyon Lodge Restaurant. It was as if Paula Deen was cooking our meals, including the Gooey Cakes. Each of us brought our own fixings for breakfast, here's mine:


Cottage cheese
Cubed watermelon
Sliced bananas and strawberries

Inspired by a salad I had many times at News Cafe in South Beach, Miami

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