Saturday, April 14, 2007

A New Chapter

I recently had dinner with Alexandra Stoddard; author, lifestyle philosopher and friend. Doug and I took her to a little bistro a few blocks away from the Riverwalk. It is the first visit we've had with Alexandra since moving to San Antonio.

Alexandra wanted to hear all about our life here. We assured her that we were both finding our relocation to have been the right thing for us. We are honored to have made friends with some wonderful people. We are happy in our new residence. We are thrilled to have found one of our favorite ministers at a church outside San Antonio. I could not have found a more suitable environment and fellowship than in the studio where I study and teach Pilates. Doug spoke to her about Saturday morning motorcycle rides in the Hill Country and his investment studies.

Alexandra and Peter are in a similar state of transitioning. We rejoiced in our freedom to make our choices, to move on, to open a new chapter with time alive. These are all themes that Alexandra has written and spoke about for many years. I can attest that she walks her talk.

Alexandra is working feverishly on Happiness For Two: 75 Ways for Lovers to Find More Joy Together to meet her publisher's deadline for publication in time for Valentine's Day 2008. I did not let her get away without a little scheming about how to bring her back to Texas. Fellow friend and blogger, Tammy Kanicka, and I are researching inns in Texas where a Happiness Weekend could be held. With Helen Rodriguez and others we hope to recruit, there are likely to be luncheons, cocktail parties and book signings in the next year as well.

Alexandra once wrote, "One way to connect is to reach out to someone you admire." If I had not attended her book signings and written that note of gratitude for her work, I would not have her as my dear friend today. Surely part of a good life is taking steps to acknowledge those we admire, and if we're lucky, making special connections with them. Take time this month to write a note to a writer, speaker or an acquaintance that have qualities you look up to, letting them know the impact they have made on you. Who knows what it might lead to.

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