Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Milestones And Mentors

My daughter and I are completing important stages in our lives. We are both also blessed to have the guidance and supervision of a great woman.

Jessica is now working out her remaining few weeks at the Center For The Study Of The Presidency. During her employment there, Jessica has formed a special bond with Mary O' Connor. They work together on projects during the day but can also be found enjoying each other's company during dinner on a Saturday night. When they are together, you would never guess from their affinity for each another that decades separate them.

Mary is one of the amazing ones. She has boundless energy, a sharp mind and a quick laugh. You can't help but admire how much she can get done. Like Jessica, she is politically and charitably minded.

Mary has wholeheartedly supported Jessica's decision to vacate her position and enter a Master's program. In fact, Jessica is renting an Athens two bedroom bungalow from Mary's girlfriend! I know they have made a lifelong friend in one another. I hope they have an opportunity to work together once again in the future.
I have successfully completed Ron Fletcher's Program Of Study, Level 1. Pat Guyton is my Teacher Extraordinaire. Like Mary O'Connor, she is tireless and highly intelligent. She is a little tougher on the exterior, but underneath the surface Pat has a deeply loving nature. Her life's mission is to teacher teachers and I must agree that this is her gift. On top of all this, she has the hottest body I have seen on a woman approaching 60, as you can see from her photo!

From my recent testing, Pat has ascertained which teaching skills could use more development. It will not be about movement drills or choreography so much anymore. I discovered from her that I have to answer the question about the kind of Pilates teacher I want to be. With that, comes finding the best venue for my talents and capabilities. At this time in my life, it is a wonderful feeling to trust that I am in the right place, doing the right thing, learning from the right person for becoming who I am meant to be.


It is my believe that we should take a pause as we pass the markers of our life's accomplishments. Otherwise, it feels as if we are always climbing the mountain without ever reaching its peak. Jessica's time in DC and at the Center has been filled with opportunities, maturing and growth. She feels as if she has extracted all that she can from the experience and now excitedly embraces what is next. Not surprisingly, Mary is holding a party in Jessica's honor before her move. I feel jubilant about Pat's willingness to mentor me and I look forward to discovering what this is all leading to. I will mark the occasion by entering Level 2 of my program and devoting my energies to non-Pilates concerns like Andalusi dance, a Bless His Heart publishing party and a Maui vacation. The progress that Jessica and I have made has been full of rewards and we are indebted to the caring, giving masters that have lead us along our way.

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