Thursday, January 25, 2007

You Are Your Choices Part Two

I will be attending a Happiness Weekend retreat being presented by my friend, Alexandra Stoddard, next weekend. It is an opportunity to reconnect with acquaintances we’ve made through Alexandra and Peter. We will also get to share some quality time with dear friends such as Kenny and Shelly, along with their loved ones. Everyone will be convening to explore happiness as a principle. I anticipate a theme in our discussions will be the subject of Alexandra’s latest book, living the good life through our choices.

The remaining 25 chapters of the book were rich with insight and wisdom for me. The following includes excerpts that were most meaningful to me:

ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY “We should expect more from ourselves. Actively pursue what you desire.”

BE AWARE “A great many people think they are thinking when they are only rearranging their prejudices. We can create our own reality by having our thought patters correspond to our desires for the good life.”

YOUR CHOICES COUNT MOST IN A CRISIS “When faced with a crisis, focus… intelligently confront what’s going on.”

GIVE YOURSELF TIME “Choose not to get annoyed.”

MOVE ON “Things can always get worse or better. We are all moving on, letting go of what’s over.”

WALK AWAY “Surround yourself with superior people who set a great example for you to follow.”

SEE THE BIG IN THE LITTLE “The smallest shift in our minds can cause a momentous insight.”

INTUITION IS YOUR GUIDING LIGHT “We’re often able to intuit the truth long before we have any proof by way of reason.”

NEVER SAY NEVER “…accepting what comes, and letting go of what goes.”

UNDERSTAND THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT “Every choice we make has far-reaching consequences. Each choice we make will make a difference, for better or worse. We choose what we want to produce.”

DO MORE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY “Get back in the habit of making choices that will provide opportunities for us to do more and more things that make us happy. Try to spend as much time as possible doing activities you find exhilarating.”

TRUST YOUR SUBJECTVIE WELL BEING “Know how to shape your environment to provide more positive stimulation.”

WHY NOT NOW “Living the good life is challenging. The commitment to live such a life will not make life easier.”

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