Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Are Your Choices - Part One

This Sunday finds Doug and I at home sheltered from the cold and rainy night with a pot of chili simmering. Alexandra Stoddard's latest publication, "You Are Your Choices", has been my compainion this week in quiet moments during lunch, coffees at Starbucks and while waiting for appointments. I am just over half way through. I am unabashedly a Stoddard fan and find this new book fresh with kick-in-the-pants insight and wisdom.

I highly recommend it and I am not the only one doing so. At Barnes and Noble online, the book has been selected for the 2007 New Year, New You collection and is maintaining its place in the top 100 books sold hourly. If you haven't gotten your own copy, I encourage you to do so. Until then, here are some of the most meaningful thoughts for me so far...

"This is an invitation to you to live the good life."

"Life is to be savored."

"You are choosing your ideal way of life, breath by breath, choice by choice."

"What you don't do is as important as what you do."

"Being inspired is far more enlightening than being informed."

"Every day we have fresh opportunity to make good choices that will reward us."

"Everything matters."

"Wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing, concentrate completely."

"Don't be proud that you are consistent. Life is too precious to be redundant."

"If you ever feel confused or stuck, or you don't know what choices to make, go outside in search of something beautiful."

"Seek to make fresh discoveries."

"There is no time in our life when we are faced with a choice-less moment."

"We change the way we feel by what we think."

"Stop complaining."

Alexandra Stoddard

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