Friday, March 4, 2011

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was the locale for the International Living Ultimate Event. The conference was very productive in our consideration of an expat lifestyle and international investing. Best of all, we met some incredible people whom we hope to enjoy lasting friendship.

Highlights of Quito

Locro de Papa - a potato cheese soup that is ubiquitous in Ecuador.
Azuca Latin Bistro - Plaza Foch, Latin flavors and good cocktails.
Le Ingelsia de la Compania de Jesus - Church in historic Quito. 7 tons of gold leaf decorate this Baroque church of the Jesuits.
Plaza de La Indepencia - Central square where Socialist President Correa addresses the public on Fridays.
Quicentro - Modern and upscale mall in Quito. The food in the court is restaurant quality. They have a restaurant named Menestras del Negro. This popular national chain is named after the enterprising founder nicknamed "del negro" by his family because he is so dark and "Menestras" for the beans meal that is the main dish, his creation. So Mr. Obama and the left can relax - Ecuadorians aren't racist and there is not an outbreak of TEA partiers!
Coffee Tree - We visited the Plaza Foch location. This cafe chain serves authentic espresso drinks.
Magic Bean - Serving Ecuadorian and American meals in the La Mariscal district.
Madonna Statue - The Virgin of Quito is winged and watches over the city from high on a hilltop.
Gianduja Chocolate - Visited this chocolate maker early in the trip. Almost none of the chocolate treats made it home!

Throwing toilet paper in the trash takes getting used to. Just because you see barred windows doesn't mean its dangerous. You likely need an umbrella every day. You can get a meal consisting of a soup, entree and dessert for $10 - and that's considered expensive.

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