Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year New You So Far

If you made a new year's resolution, you are arriving at the 28 day mark. Studies show that it takes 21-28 days for us to break a habit or make a change. And chances are that your resolution was either fitness or diet related, as they hold #2 (fitness) and #3 (weight) spots for our top 10 resolutions. So, how are you doing?

If you haven't done so already, it is time for a measurement interval. You will basically find one of three outcomes: your situation has improved, plateaued or worsened.

If you have improved, positive results indicate following your current plan without change. If you have plateaued or backtracked, you need to make some adjustments.

Poor Plan or Poor Execution

Which is it, because it is one or the other. Perhaps your plan is essentially a good one but you left things a little vague. Eating a portion of protein with every meal is more specific than eat more protein. Or after some reflection, it occurs to you that your compliance has been about 75%. That's not bad but you have to get over 90% if this is going to be the year you are going to be fitter and leaner. You adopted your friend's plan and it may not be the best choice for your body or lifestyle. If in 28 days you haven't made improvement despite being confident the plan is a good one or truly adhering to it, get a new plan.

Here are two tips that might help you make a positive difference...

Cut 250 Calories

The body was designed to maintain a status quo. If you suddenly start burning more calories, compelling hunger shows up to correct the deficit. If you decrease your calorie intake, you may feel sluggish in an effort to conserve energy. It doesn't seem to mind if you just eat a little less at each meal.

Increase Exercise Volume

For improved body composition, you should be exercising 5-7 hours a week. This will give you average to excellent results in both fat loss and muscle mass gain. Try adding additional exercise in 30 min - 1 hr increments bi-weekly until you are seeing results.

Applause for all of us making strides to be our healthiest selves.

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