Friday, November 13, 2009

Chinese Welcome Obama

Oba Mao mania hits the streets of China.

"A Beijing shop owner is celebrating Obama mania and the 60th anniversary of communist China by selling what's been dubbed 'Oba Mao' products." - Independent News Television

Mao's legacy includes overseeing policies that were directly responsible for the deaths of 50 - 70 million Chinese citizens. (The peace sign here is pitiful...seems the Chinese are as ignorant to their history as Americans are of theirs. Starving to death due to communist grand schemes is, while possibly peaceful, absurd.)

Like our President, Mao's governing ideas stem from Marxism and Communism. Anita Dunn, Obama White House Communications Director, cites Mao as "one of her favorite political philosophers." Former White House Special Advisor, Van Jones, was a Third World Communism activist. Tara O' Toole, Obama nominated Undersecretary at Homeland Security, belonged to a group known as the Marxist-Feminist Group 1. The list goes on.

While America's media and liberal citizens downplay Mr. Obama's Marxist politics and associates, it seems the Chinese can easily make the connection between The Chairman and Obama.

When American satirists created Mao-like images of Obama earlier this year, who would have thought the Chinese would be chanting "Oba Mao!" a few months later.


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