Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Lady Celebration Savannah

I just returned from my 2nd Southern Lady Celebration. This year was a gathering of over 750 women to celebrate the heritage of being a Southern lady in Savannah. I met my daughter, Jessica, and her friend, Melissa, in Atlanta and we drove to the GA coast. Here are some highlights of our trip...

Flying Biscuit Cafe
My trip actually began with an overnight in Atlanta and a long overdue catch up with my friend, Phyllis English. Phyllis introduced me to the man who would become my husband many years ago. We will always be fond of her. If you are looking for a great Atlanta colorist, she's your girl.

The next morning, Jessica and I went on the search for a great Southern breakfast. We were not disappointed with the Flying Biscuit. The biscuits were high, the bacon was crisp and there serve apple butter.

Anna Griffin
Anna was an elegant woman who gave a great motivational talk.

Success Secrets
  • Fill a void.
  • Build a brand.
  • Do what it takes to succeed.
  • Value your time - no one else will.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Be present to all opportunities.
  • Take risks - instead of not growing.
  • "And" - "or" is not an option.
  • Be unstoppable - get excited.
"Being Southern is a state of mind. It's truly wanting to know how someone is when you ask them." -Anna Griffin

Barbara Bradley Baekgarrd - Vera Bradley
Barbara spoke to the audience about the forming of Vera Bradly with her friend and partner, Patricia Miller. She told amusing stories, one of which included her daughter-in-law keeping the coming baby's name a secret to prevent a handbag from being named after her. In our gift bag, we received a Pinwheel Pink umbrella. the Pinwheel Pink line donates 10% to breast cancer charities.

Sandra Lee
The Semi-Homemade star was the keynote speaker. First, we met her in the elevator on the way to the gala. She is rail thin and very outgoing. There was a cake decorating demo that became a very funny skit much to the dismay of the event producers! What was a girl to do - cocktail time! Sandra announced her new magazine, Sandra Lee Semi Homemade (Feb) and a new Food Network show, Money Saving Meals, based on her new cookbook. Sandra Lee fans should look out for a girls weekend featuring their hero in October 2009 in Atlanta.

" women partnering to do business smarter." - Sandra Lee

Nancy Grace
"When you find yourself in a race you didn't sign up for, you run the race you are in." -Nancy Grace

The Tea Room
If you find yourself in Savannah around lunchtime, you will want to make a beeline for this tearoom. The food is fabulous and the decor is arts and crafts, rather than florals run amok.

Southern Lady Celebration 2009
Southern Lady will return to Savannah, GA for its 7th event Oct 9-11, 2009. Check with for early registration until November 1, 2008. Requires a $100 deposit that is non-refundable.

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