Monday, November 12, 2007

In Gratitude To Veterans

Today I want to introduce you to a soldier and veteran that Doug now calls friend. His name is Brandon and he is currently serving in Afghanistan in the Army.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Brandon yet. We have a dinner date when he returns to the States and San Antonio.

From his picture, I can see he is impressive. The Pilates teacher in me immediately notices his straight spine and great posture. Without the weaponry, his physique indicates a formidable opponent should one meet up with him in combat. If I was of a pacifistic or cowardly nature, Brandon would scare the hell out of me. I am pretty sure I am not of those natures and Brandon actually reassures me. I hope the Taliban actually never lay eyes on him while he goes about destroying them.

Today my prayers and thanks are with Brandon and men and women like him. Those who suit up, meet the enemies that are defined for them and put their lives on the line for American ideals and pitiful paychecks. Those who have returned mercifully alive from the world's war zones so that we may live in our comfortable homes, be distracted with our petty activities and concerns and sit around tables speaking arrogantly about politics and conflicts deserve our graciousness and gratitude.

Brandon, I respect, honor and thank you for your service to this country and what you do on my family's behalf. Return home safe and sound so that we may celebrate you at our table.

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