Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's 2007

"Love in the past is only a memory. Love in the future is a fantasy. Only here and now can we truly love." - Buddha

"In no love story I have ever read is the character ever
tired." -Roland Barthes

"In all my getures, thoughts and acts, I want to lift him up, to increase his joy, to share meaningful times together, because I care how he feels, moment to moment." - Alexandra Stoddard

"I make love with my brush." August Renior

"We sought each other long before we met...We found ourselves so mutually taken with one another, so acquainted and so endeared betwixt ourselves, that from hence forward nothing was ever so near to us as one another...Being begun so late, there was no time to lose. - Michel de Montaigne

"The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved." -Victor Hugo

"Give all to love." -Emerson

"Coffee drinkers are statistically more sexually active that other people." -Diane Ackerman

"You are so precious to me. Virtually every thought I think is of you. I am so happy and I love you." -Doug Bell

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